Memoir Ghostwriting

Not too many editors can also say they are published authors, but I am. I have published guides, manuals, two magazines, edited two books and a master’s thesis, and written two books of my own. One is a work of Roman a clef and the other is a work of non-fiction, about the women of the Bible.

How will this memoir writing process work?

You will provide me with audio tapes of your life, and I will weave those into a tapestry filled with humor and sadness, when appropriate, but mostly with joie de vivre [joy for living].

Everyone has a story; why not tell yours?

With regards to payment: I will be paid a monthly retainer, based on the number of hours you want me to devote to your book, at a rate of $50/hour, until your project is completed.

Your memoir will be online [via my website, on a private page with private password reserved only for you] so can watch it in progress.

Once completed, it will be downloaded as a word document and pdf for you to send to the publisher of your choice.

I will say this in conclusion: I won’t write about sexual encounters. Your subject matter must be “family friendly” for me to consider it, and non-violent.