In my free time, I love to sing, sew, garden, and practice target shooting for self-defense.

“Remember Me in Your Prayer” a capella

“His Eye is On the Sparrow” a capella

“Heaven’s Shore” a capella

“Here is My Heart, Lord” w/Patrick Ferreri on Guitar
“Come to Me/Softly and Tenderly” w/Patrick Ferreri on Guitar

I like to take a bolt of fabric that could become a thousand things and make something with my own hands.

I was taught from an early age by my mother on a Singer treadle machine, making a majority of my own clothes by high school.

I have a long waist and long legs, so it was easier to make items to fit my own body, buying a bolt that would make a dress, a skirt or several blouses.

It is wonderful to know how to make your own patterns so as not to be dependent upon what you find off the rack in stores, in pantone colors or sizes that are ill-fitting.

From 2012-2017, I had my own wedding line, comprised of wedding veils, jackets, and “fascinator” hats called Rose Ferreri Couture, sold in local bridal shops.

Two of five matching robes made for grandchildren and godchildren above Dec. 2022, New baby layette for niece’s baby, crocheted blanket and clothes completed March 18, 2023

Gardening is therapeutic. Pulling out weeds and pruning is much like life, where you take that which is not fruitfully growing and replace it with a producer. My husband built the pergola below and its matching trellis and we were married under it in 2014.

We participate in Toys for Tots, collecting toys from 10 fire stations and our local country club, where we set out an additional ten boxes in Dec. 2022. I also sew and crochet children’s clothing for the local women and children’s shelter. We are also Nuevo Tango dancers.

A former USMC police officer. I was taught to shoot by a pro–my husband.

In both pics above, I was 25 feet from my stationary target. Taken 2/21/2023.

Yes, I do have my conceal carry permit and I suggest you get yours too, ladies.

Lastly, I like to fish in clean lakes where bass, sunfish and crappie hide. I do not fish in the ocean; the poles are too big, the fish are too big, and I am not a fan of sharks, even the “baby” ones. Below are my two red Shakespeare brand poles, Firebird & Durango, and bait can for crickets.