I have been a solo marketing and PR agency since 1993, operating under three different monikers: Concise Editing, Online Marketing Lady, East Coast Marketing Lady. When I began, I was only working on editing and writing project; then, I advanced into website design and nationwide PR; finally, I melded the two in 2015 and worked on projects from FL up to CT.

I am DEFINITELY NOT onboard the “progressive New World Order. I refused the vaccine mandate. No employer has a legal right to my health records. I will refuse to have a digital ID/chip under my skin when and if that time comes too.

I believe the time is coming when those who pushed the vaccine on an unwitting public face a Nuremberg 2.0 Trial; history will not be kind to employers who demanded the vaccine, doctors and nurses who injected the vacccine or those who placed ads online requiring “proof of vaccination” even from those who were going to work remotely. I know that will offend some of you who are reading this, but “I was just following the rules” will not fly this time.

I am firmly against late term abortions and fetal cells being used in our food as additives and in our drugs. I will never eat printer-made meat or an insect protein diet, and I keep far away from those who want to force EV’s upon the world while flying around in their own personal jets [as those who attend the WEF do]. I will never choose to live in a fifteen-minute high-rise metropolis instead of my single-family home, nor will I give up driving cross-country to see the USA in my Nissan Frontier. I have spent the last seven years traveling up and down the east coast of the USA, and I have seen exactly where the political divides occur.

In my protected portfolio you will see websites built on the WordPress and Weebly platforms, magazines and guides, articles published in newspapers, two books I personally authored, four books I promote for a NC children’s book author, a musician’s transcription library, video commercials, whitepapers and more. It is protected from progressives onboard the NWO mentioned above who lash out anyone who says “Made in America” is homophobic and nationalistic. Quite frankly, I have little tolerance for them too.

I have worked solo and with a team of fifty, produced events for 30 people to 3,000. I have always been in the corner of small businesses that hire here in the USA and produce products for American consumption. I greatly dislike any bureaucracy that impedes progress, wastes precious time, and creates rules that defy logic.

My rate from 1993-1995 was $16/hour.

My rate from 1996-1999 was $25/hour.

My rate from 2000-2006 was $35/hour.

My rate from 2007-2015 was $45/hour.

My rate from 2016 to present ranges from $45-$65/hour.

Blueprint for Success Counseling is TWELVE 1/2 hour sessions at a total cost of $660.

Half-Hour Business Strategizing Session

Half-Hour Business Strategizing Session


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