My focus is on promoting American-based, family-owned, flag-waving, small businesses with under fifty employees.

I like to work with new start-ups or those who have worked under the thumb of others and now have a strong entrepreneurial and creative spirit.

I work with conservatives; it is simply easier working with those who are mature in faith and have a servant leader approach.

I wiil not work with clients or employers who demand their people wear masks or show proof of vaccination. I work with those that respect personal choice and HIPPA.


  • Aging in Place: Respect for Elderly
  • Blog Creation and Content
  • Business Blueprints for Startups
  • Booking Radio and TV spots
  • Classical and Jazz Musicians
  • Compiling data for presentations and seminars
  • Conservation of our natural resources & Ecology
  • Conservative Reporter and Corruption Investigator
  • Copywriting, Editing & Proofing
  • Directing Interviews & Photoshoots
  • FB, Twitter, IG [not CCP-owned TikTok]
  • Ghostwriting Articles
  • Homeopathy & Natural Cures
  • “Made in America” Campaigns
  • Memoir Ghostwriting
  • Narration for Videos
  • Ocean & Space Exploration
  • Organic Farming & Anti-GMO projects
  • Organic Marketing & Strategizing
  • Petcare for Dogs & Cats
  • Preservation of separate and unique cultures
  • Preservation of separate and unique languages
  • Pro-life Campaigns
  • Research, Analysis, A/B trials
  • Second Amendment Campaigns
  • Script Writing for Presentations
  • Solar Energy
  • Wind Energy
  • WordPress & Weebly Website Content & Design
  • Writing Book Reviews
  • Writing National Press Releases
  • Video and podcast creation


  • Artificial intelligence
  • Cyber Coding
  • Critical Race Theory
  • DEI: Diversity & Inclusion
  • Digital ID
  • Drug Companies
  • Genomics: Gene Alteration
  • Hospital PR
  • Transgenderism
  • Transhumanism